Friday, April 22, 2011

Vote for how long you need to read!

We need your input! We are setting up the book club so that after so much alloted time we will come together as a club and discuss the book. I set it up in page format because each book has different amounts of pages per chapter. So tell us what you think! If you don't see the time you would need, click other and leave a comment letting us know how long you would need.

How long do you need to in order to read up to a certain point in a book?
1 week for 25 pages
1 week for 50 pages
1 week for 75 pages
1 week for 100 pages
OTHER (EXPLAIN) free polls


  1. I can read four books in a week.

  2. I said other because I think it would depend on the book. If it is a really goot book then I am able to read it in a day. It will take about a day to two for a good ya book. Some other books it will take about 5 days to read a book. But, I dont think that it will take over five days to read a book.

  3. I clicked other because I think it depends on the book.

  4. Depending on where the mood swings, I can get through one to four books in a week but it definately goes depend on the book :-)

  5. Mine depends on the time of year. If it is during finals or school year reading slows down quite alot. So maybe you guys should think about like how young your members will be. I know that not everyone starts school at the same time etc though. Just a suggestion. I know that if I can't keep up I will just not watch the spoiler videos until I can. So that is not a big deal I just wanted to through this idea out there. I can't wait till we get started! So much fun!