Friday, April 29, 2011

Voting is over!

Our first voting session has ended! It was quite successful, thank you all for voting!!

With 19 votes, Across the Universe by Beth Revis comes in first place! We will be reading this book first so everyone who would like to participate in the read-a-long of this book would want to go ahead and obtain the book via library, ordering it, bookstore, borrowing it, or whatever other way you have to obtain the book. I would also go ahead and start reading the book when you obtain it because May is fast approaching. Take notes or remember things that you'd like to talk about and you can make video responses or talk about what you read in the comments of the discussion videos for the book once we get started.

The second place winner with 9 votes is Gone by Michael Grant!! This will be the second book that we will star mid-May. If you plan to read Across the Universe and Gone I'd go ahead and suggest getting both at the same time so that you will have them ready to go. When we start reading Gone we will do the vote for June giving you TWO weeks to obtain the reading material for that month. We won't have two weeks this go around, but going forwards you always will.

We have two options for starting Across the Universe. We can either start on May 9th, giving everyone a week to obtain the book, or on May 17th which will give you more than two weeks. Keep in mind that if we start on May 17th we will have to do Gone in June. Which would you prefer?